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This service is use to handle the admin panel UI Design layout like sidebar Navigation Menu and it gives you middle space, in middle space whatever you want to do you can.

Like this below image


Step 1

Goto Awesome Core > Services module and add the following code if not present.


Step 2

Now download backend_design.xml from this url ( URL: and once downloaded the file.

Just go wordpress importer, Tools > Import


Step 3

Create your APP – e.g. Setting app
Setting app> Go to config > create a module layout
Title: layout (slug: use “layout” only)
Put below code into layout module

Note: This is provide to you a layout as we mentioned above


Step 4

For sidebar layout we need set array of menu list with sub menu list, which is define in service.
Service> Backend Design Service > module name: menu-array

Important things:

  • You have to make sure class name should be app slug (created app slug), and create an array in same manner as given.
  • You can modify the menu name whatever you want.
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