Working with One Item

Shortcode: aw2_value

Getting Values from an Item



main: The Key for which the Value has to be returned

id: defaults to default_item . All Queries like [aw2_query_post post_id=’1′] , [aw2_query_user] returning one object/array default to the same

cond: any If conditions. If a condition is passed then only runs if the condition is met

default: The default value to return if the key is not found

meta=single,array: Set meta as single if you want to access meta data as single. Set meta as array if you want to get back an array

set_param='': defaults to empty. the variable to store the return value in. If empty then will throw out the value

taxonomy: To get a taxomony for a post. See Example for complete syntax. The return value must be from

Examples of different scenarios