Querying Users or User

shortcode: aw2_query_users

Querying Multiple Users. Equivalent to get_users



id: id of the Query. Defaults to ‘default_collection’. aw2_loop also defaults to ‘default_collection’
conditions: Use any of the condition parameters in aw2_if. Only executes if the conditions match

args: The content is a pure json object equivalent to args


Please use the fields argument to get only the data which is required




Shortcode: aw2_query_user

Querying One User




Accessing Values from the returned item using aw2_value



query_by: id,slug,email,login. Defaults to id

query_value: Value for the query by.If query_value is not specified then defaults to current user

id: defaults to default_item . aw2_value also defaults to the same.

main: the field to return.Use this when you just want one field. If you want multiple fields then remove this parameter and later access using aw2_value.

set_param='': defaults to empty. the variable to store the return value in. If empty then will throw out the value

cond: any If conditions. If a condition is passed then only runs if the condition is met