Getting value of a Request Parameter - Query String, Post and Query Vars

Shortcode: aw2_request

To get a request parameter. Also looks at query_vars



main: The parameter to get. Can be specified directly

default: The default value if the parameter does not exist

assume_empty: The value which if it comes it will assume that no value came. Useful in query_vars. See example

separator: Incase it is an array the seperator to use to implode. Defaults to comma. If set to json then will convert to json.

store: Defaults to false. If set to true will store the Querying String in a param with same name as the Query String

set_param='': default to empty. the variable to store the return value in. If store & set_param are empty then will throw out the value

cond: any If conditions. If a condition is passed then only runs if the condition is met