Common formatting attributes supported by Awesome Shortcodes

Following common formatting attributes are available to all awesome shortcodes

  1. separator: You can combing the array data into sting separated by separator that you specify. It is quite handy when showing comma separated taxonomy/tag lists.
  2. explode_on: By specifying explode_on attribute you can convert a string in to an array, which you can loop. It uses explode function of PHP, and explode the string on specified character using explode_on
  3. words: Using this attribute you can control number of words that shortcode will return.
  4. date_format: For shortcodes that returns dates, you can format the output by specifying the supported date formats.
  5. content_filter: If true output of shortcode will be passed through the_content filter before output is returned by shortcode.
  6. do_shortcode: if you set it to true, the output of the shortcode will be passed through do_shortcode WordPress function.
  7. strtolower: if you set it to true, output of the shortcode will be passed through strtolower function of PHP and it’s output will be returned.
  8. encrypt/decrypt: If you set either encrypt or decrypt, output of the shortcode will encytped or decyrpted based on basic logic, do not use this for sensitive information.
  9. index: If output of your shortcode is an array, you can use index to return only specific index value from the shortcode.
  10. stripslashes_deep: you can set stripslashes_deep to true, to pass output of your shortcode via stripslashes_deep WordPress function, which removes slashes from array values.
  11. json : Set it to true, and the shortcode output will be JSON encoded by passing it through json_encoded PHP function.