This shortcode is used to access the value of an item directly. You can use all the values of main specified for aw2_loop_value, only difference between aw2_value and aw2_loop_value is that aw2_loop_value access the items within loop, while aw2_value is used to access the item outside of loop.

If you are using Monomyth theme, you can access current page/post object values directly without loop using aw2_value.


  • id:
    For a single item we can specify the ID to access the value of the key.
  • cond:
    If specify any of the aw2_if conditions parameters, then item will only be returned if that condition is met.
  • set_param:
    The variable to store the return value in. If empty then will throw out the value.
  • main:
    The key for which the value has to be returned.


Check examples of using aw2_loop_value for getting meta and taxonomy values. In those examples just replace the aw2_loop_value with aw2_value.