/ Database / query.insert_term

Adds a new term to the database. Optionally marks it as an alias of an existing term

Parameters supported : term, taxonomy, alias_of, description, parent, slug

Syntax: [query.insert_term terms=”term_name” taxonomy=”taxonomy_name” alias_of=”value” description=”value” parent=”parent_id” slug=”term_slug” /]


  1. ‘term’: (int|string) (required) The term to add or update. Default: None
  2. ‘taxonomy’: (string) (required) The taxonomy to which to add the term. Default: None
  3. ‘alias_of’: (string) (optional) There is no default, but if added, expected is the slug that the term will be an alias of. Default: None
  4. ‘description’: (string) (optional) If exists, will be added to the database along with the term. Default: None
  5. ‘parent’: (numeric) (optional) Will assign value of ‘parent’ to the term. Default: 0 (zero)
  6. ‘slug’: (string) (optional), Default: None

Example: [query.insert_term ‘Apple’ ‘product’ /]

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